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Gurvinder Sehra

Gurvinder Sehra

High Wycombe
01494 535321

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Gurvinder Sehra

Gurvinder joined the firm as a Partner in 2009. She specialises in Private Client work.

Gurvinder can assist with:

  • Obtaining Grants of Probate (and other types of grants)
  • Administering estates on behalf of lay executors
  • Advising on implications when someone dies without a Will (intestacy)
  • Advising on Wills, including the various inheritance tax reliefs available
  • Advising on Lasting powers of Attorney for Property and Financial Affairs
  • Drafting and Advising on Lasting powers of Attorney for Health and Welfare
  • Trusts and their various tax implications
  • Setting up trusts, both during the lifetime and in a Will

Gurvinder works closely with local care homes and is well known in the local community, especially amongst the elderly who welcome her clear explanations of what can often be difficult legal procedures.

She appears in the Bucks Free Press on a weekly basis where she provides answers to varied legal questions submitted by the readers.

In her spare time Gurvinder is a keen gardener and enjoys cooking. Her days of skiing and cycling are now a distant memory. She enjoys Yoga instead.