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Trainee Information

Whilst occasional vacancies may arise from time to time in particular offices, Kidd Rapinet currently employ two trainee solicitors in the London office. The next vacancy will be in March 2019. Applicants should apply by email to Philip Wild with CV and covering letter stating the commencement date for which they wish to be considered.

Successful applicants are initially employed as paralegals, with a training contract only being offered if we are satisfied with the performance of the candidate.  Paralegals are supervised and appraised in the same way as trainees, so that time spent as a paralegal can be treated as “time to count” towards a training contract.  We would normally expect a candidate for a training contract to have successfully completed the Legal Practice Course before they start with us as a paralegal.

We also offer a limited number of unpaid work experience places at our London office.  Any enquiries regarding these should be sent to the Office Manager, Leonie Marks.

Applications for any training contracts / paralegal positions that may arise at offices outside London should be sent to the Managing Partner or other specified contact at the relevant office.

Due to the number of applications received, we do not answer telephone enquiries re future trainee or paralegal vacancies.

Here are some comments from present and previous trainees:

“I applied to Kidd Rapinet mainly because it was a firm with a diverse range of practice areas. Throughout the interview process I could sense the firm had a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm, and would allow me to get hands on training from the outset. One of the most refreshing aspects of working for Kidd Rapinet is the approachability of the Partners. Whilst you are expected to assume responsibility early and have regular contact with clients, the door is always open to ask questions. Overall, I’ve found Kidd Rapinet to be a very welcoming and inclusive firm, with a genuine interest in ensuring I receive a well rounded training programme. I’m thoroughly enjoying my time here and look forward to starting my final seat with the private client team.”

– TM, Maidenhead Office

“The firm has created an excellent atmosphere. I would describe it as achieving a good balance of professional yet personable. As a trainee I have found you get great exposure to quality work. No matter what department you work in you are encouraged to assume responsibility and see things through to the end.”

– SOF, London Office

“When I first came here it didn’t take me long to realise that this firm is a very friendly place and people, even the partners are (mostly) very easy going, which made me want to come back. Being a qualified German Lawyer I did wonder though whether I would like to go back to being a trainee in order to qualify in England as a Solicitor, as well. However my vague expectations that as a trainee I would be regarded as of no value, not be able to make my own decisions and not be fully respected and appreciated as a lawyer have proven totally wrong in this firm, and I feel that I am being well prepared for the profession.”

– JH, London Office

“One of the biggest concerns for a new trainee and particularly those who don’t want to work for one of the big city firms is quality of life and the possibility of having a life outside the office. At Kidd Rapinet everyone works very hard during the working day but there is no ‘working late for the sake of it’ culture. Obviously there are times when it is necessary but you are made to feel that your extra effort is appreciated. When you do get out of the office you’ll find it’s a stone’s throw from the major stations, parks, shopping areas, theaters, restaurants and bars. Another advantage of working in a firm of this size and mind-set is that you get hands-on experience from day one. Trainees are given as much responsibility and work as they prove themselves capable of handling and this means you learn very quickly.”

– CML, London Office