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Our insolvency specialists are highly experienced at working with Insolvency Practitioners and the Insolvency Service, and in dealing with proceedings in both the High Court and County Courts.

Our Insolvency and Corporate Recovery services include:

  • Company and Individual Voluntary Arrangements, by which your creditors give you the opportunity to pay off debts over a period of time rather than become insolvent
  • Insolvency proceedings, against both companies and individuals
  • Insolvent partnerships
  • Liquidations and attending creditors meetings
  • Creditors claims prior to and in the course of insolvency
  • Leases, tenancies and company property, especially retention of title claims
  • Beneficial interest claims against your Trustee in Bankruptcy, to recover your house or property
  • Wrongful trading and fraudulent preference claims
  • Directors’ disqualification proceedings.

As with many areas in the law, seeking early advice can save much trouble and expense at a later date.