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Kidd Rapinet LLP has a history of specialisation in Immigration Law. Over the past 30 years we have built up a reputation for success. We have established an excellent working relationship with the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) and can offer expert legal and practical advice to help guide you through the complex system. With more than 15 years of experience, Head of Immigration Mr Gooch Heer and his dedicated professional team have advised a multitude of foreign nationals and businesses.  Mr Heer is a member of the Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA) and he prides himself on offering a personal and tailored service to all clients. Whether you want to come to the United Kingdom (UK) or remain here for residence through investment, relationships, study or business, Kidd Rapinet LLP’s solicitors are perfectly placed to help you make the right application. We can assist with all aspects of the application process from the initial application to residence and the acquisition of British Citizenship and a British passport. We assist private and business clients to make applications from outside and inside the UK. This includes dealing with British High Commissions and British Embassies around the world.

Our Immigration services include advice on:

arrow The Points Based System:

spacerlist-okay Tier 1 Investor visas

spacerlist-okay Tier 1 Entrepreneur visas, including setting up a business within the UK

spacerlist-okay Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visas

spacerlist-okayTier 1 Exceptional Talent visas

spacerlist-okayTier 2 General visas

spacerlist-okayTier 2 Intra-Company Transfer visas

spacerlist-okay Tier 2 Sportsperson visas

spacerlist-okay Tier 2 Minister of Religion visas

spacerlist-okay Tier 4 Child Student visas

spacerlist-okay Tier 4 General (Adult) Student visas

spacerlist-okay Tier 5 Temporary Worker – Creative and Sporting – visas

spacerlist-okay Tier 5 Temporary Worker – Charity Worker – visas

spacerlist-okay Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme visas

spacerlist-okay Tier 5 Temporary Worker – International Agreement – visas

spacerlist-okay Tier 5 Temporary Worker – Government Authorised Exchange – visas

spacerlist-okay Tier 5 Temporary Worker – Religious Worker – visas

arrow Sponsor Licence applications for businesses, employers, educational establishments, charities, religious, creative and sporting organisations

arrow Representative of an Overseas Business visas

arrow Entry clearance, Leave to Remain and Indefinite Leave to Remain (settlement)

arrow Migrant spouses, unmarried partners, civil partnerships, same sex relationships, dependants and children

arrow Applications for Naturalisation and British Citizenship

arrow Applications for European Economic Area (EEA) family permits, residence cards, permanent residence cards and retained rights of residence as a dependant or partner of an EEA national

arrow Advice on entering Britain on a long-term visas

arrow Advice on retiring or settling in the UK

arrow Applications for short-term stays such as:

spacerlist-okay Business Visitor visas

spacerlist-okay General Visitor visas

spacerlist-okay Marriage Visitor visas

spacerlist-okay Private Medical Treatment Visitor visas

spacerlist-okay Sports Visitor visas

spacerlist-okay Entertainer Visitor visas

spacerlist-okay Child Visitor visas

spacerlist-okay Family Visitor visas

arrow Applications under the provisions of the European Community Association Agreement (ECAA) otherwise known as the Ankara Agreement. These include:

spacerlist-okay Turkish Workers visas

spacerlist-okay Turkish Businesspersons visas

spacerlist-okay Indefinite Leave to Remain (settlement) visas

spacerlist-okay Assistance with and representation at appeals before the Asylum and Immigration

spacerlist-okay Appeals Tribunal and Court of Appeal

arrow Advice for employers on illegal workers and criminal sanctions

arrow Advice for overstayers

arrow Advice for domestic staff in diplomatic and private households

We can advise on the differing documentation and evidence required for each type of application, prepare the required documents and formulate the application for submission. If required, we can also travel to the overseas consulate with an applicant. To find out more please contact the Immigration team on 020 7925 0303 or by emailing Immigration@kiddrapinet.co.uk.