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Personal Injury

Accidents unfortunately do happen, which could entitle you to compensation – not only for any injury incurred, but also for certain financial losses. However, many people fail to obtain proper compensation simply because they do not take the right advice at the appropriate time. We deal with claims arising from accidents on the road, in the workplace and elsewhere, and in most cases our experienced solicitors can advise you quickly on whether a claim for compensation is appropriate. In more complex cases we can obtain specialist advice from barristers. We have access to a wide range of professional medical and other expert advice to assist us in assessing your loss, and also have considerable experience in negotiating settlements with insurance companies.

When a fair settlement cannot be achieved by negotiation, litigation may be necessary. We provide an estimate of the costs involved in fighting your case, and will discuss all the options available to fund the case – including the possibility of a conditional fee or ‘no win, no fee’ agreement.

Whatever your accident and the consequences for you, we are here to help.