Personal Injury

Legal expertise to see beyond the initial injury

If you have sustained a personal injury there may be consequences beyond the immediate physical and psychological damage you are feeling, which could have longer-term financial repercussions. You might, for example, require more treatment than is available free of charge on the NHS. If your injury has caused or leads to disability this could, unfortunately, limit your employment prospects.

At Kidd Rapinet we are experienced in looking beyond your initial injury to explore both your initial entitlement if your injury was an accident, as well as financial losses that may arise from it.


Personal Injury Services

Timely advice delivered with sensitivity

Many people fail to obtain proper compensation simply because they do not seek legal advice at the appropriate time. We encourage you to consult us at an early stage when there are more options open to you. We can help you resolve matters by careful negotiation. In particular, we have considerable experience in negotiating settlements with insurance companies and settling out of court to lower costs and reduce any further stress to you.

Litigation as a last resort, being mindful of costs and your wellbeing

If we cannot achieve a fair settlement by negotiation, litigation may be necessary. We provide clear advice at the outset on your prospects of success and help you to weigh up the factors influencing your decision on whether to go to court. We provide an estimate of the costs of fighting your case, together with advice on options available to fund it, including the possibility of a conditional fee or ‘no win, no fee’ agreement.

Experienced solicitors with access to professional experts

We deal with many types of claim, including those arising from traffic accidents, injuries in the workplace and illness caused by errors in hospital treatment. In most cases, our experienced personal injury solicitors can advise you quickly on whether a claim for compensation is appropriate. In more complex cases, we can obtain specialist advice from barristers.

Personal injury law is complex and every case is different – below we outline a few of the more common asked questions but please get in touch to discuss your personal injury claim.

Until we receive specific details of your claim it is difficult to predict. Claims vary as there are often disputes with the defendants regarding liability. We, do, however act promptly once you request our support and we keep you updated about the progress of your claim and the likely time frame to settle once we know more.

It is very difficult to predict and in all likelihood could change so we try to avoid estimating until all evidence (including medical reports) has been obtained.

Yes this is possible. We have acted for people who have suffered psychological conditions as a direct result of an accident. These include agoraphobia, depression, PTSD, and other anxiety disorders or phobias.

This is quite common, however, we have been contacted by people (months after they have agreed on a settlement) with secondary medical complications so we always ask people to air on the side of caution for an early settlement. Your claim could be compensated at much less than it is worth.

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    Personal Injury Claims

    Our personal injury lawyers act for people in many different areas of personal injury, however, if you cannot find what you are looking for, please get in touch.

    Road Traffic Accident Injury

    Whether you have sustained an injury as a driver, passenger, pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist we can help you.

    Personal Injury Sustained At Work

    We assist with all work-related injuries and illnesses such as a disease caused by working with asbestos

    Injury From Faulty Goods

    Injuries resulting from faulty goods or services, such as burns from a faulty electrical item.

    Trip Or Fall Injuries

    Injuries sustained by tripping over paving stones or falling down stairs with no hand rail.

    Medical Injuries

    Injuries caused as a result of an error in medical treatment.

    Psychological Illness

    A psychological illness caused by factors at work such as stress, discrimination or harassment.

    We’re here to support your next step

    Request a video call, phone call or an in-person meeting

    “Vashti helped me throughout my claim. She made what could have been a very stressful experience very straightforward.”

    Personal Injury Client, Kingston upon Thames

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