Will there be a rise in Clinical Negligence cases post pandemic?

by Kidd Rapinet on June 9, 2022
Vashti Prescott

March 2020 saw the start of the Covid 19 pandemic.  Over the next 2 years, the UK has seen thousands of medical cases affected.  Routine treatments and investigations have been halted or delayed.

This has led to delays in many diagnoses of cancer and serious ailments.  Conditions left untreated have worsened or developed other side effects and complaints.

The result is that we can see a sharp rise in clinical negligence cases.  You have 3 years to bring a negligence claim.  Time starts to run from either the date that the negligence occurred or from the date you became aware that the treatment you received (or failed to receive) was negligent.

If you have any questions or queries in regard to clinical negligence, you can speak to our experienced personal injury lawyer, Vashti Prescott at Kidd Rapinet, Canary Wharf on 0207 265 5486 or alternatively you can use the form provided.

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