Another non-Points Based System option for entrepreneurs

by Kidd Rapinet on March 31, 2015

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Workers wishing to conduct business in the UK are probably familiar with the requirements of the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Points Based System. Many of them will be limited by the financial requirements of having £200,000 to invest in a new or existing business venture. But there are other options outside the Points Based System that can accomplish the same goal for less money.

One such alternative allows a sole representative to come to the UK to establish a branch of an overseas business. The representative must have been recruited outside the United Kingdom, must hold a senior position and should usually have been employed by the parent company for some time.

Majority shareholders in the parent company are not eligible under this category.

In order to succeed applicants must prove that the parent company is a genuine commercial enterprise, which is judged by the length of time the company has been established, its turnover, its profitability and the number of workers it employs.

Although this category does not have a financial requirement, applicants must meet the English Language requirements to a basic standard.

Dependants, including unmarried partners, can also accompany the main applicant and this category can lead to settlement.

This category is not widely known but can open new opportunities for established businesses abroad that would like to expand into the UK market.

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