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Employment law is a complex subject area so it is important to understand your rights and to ensure negotiations are equal and fair.  If you are looking for an exit strategy, settlement agreement or perhaps a new contract we can assist you.  Equally if you are experiencing a serious disagreement with your employer we can help – we understand the level of anxiety and emotion the latter can bring and will endeavour to offer you a meeting as soon as possible.

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Preparing for your first meeting

Preparing for your first meeting

To help you gain the most from your first meeting with Kidd Rapinet, we ask you to consider the following:-

In the case of a grievance at work:-

  • Think about whether you would like to attend the meeting alone or with a friend/family member
  • Try to put together a timeline in chronological date order of events, situations etc leading up to you contacting Kidd Rapinet
  • Write down a list of questions – it is easy to forget things when emotions run high

For assistance with exit strategies or negotiating a new contract please consider bringing the following with you:-

  • Contract details: your contract of employment or statement of terms. If you don’t have either of these documents then please provide us with written details of your role e.g. what you do, the hours you work, your payment details, etc.
  • Documents relating to the matter: settlement agreement offer, terms and conditions etc

Once you have instructed us to act for you it would be helpful if you could provide us with the following information:-

  • Proof of ID: valid passport or driving licence
  • Proof of Address: utility bill of bank statement no less than three months old

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How to Tackle Problems in the Workplace

Many kinds of problems can arise at work:

Don’t delay

The longer a situation at work continues the more it can affect relationships, income and stress levels.

Do you feel you are being treated unfairly? Maybe the level of stress at work is making you want to quit? Do you feel discriminated against because of age, disability or gender? Would it help to know whether your claim is valid before taking action?

We urge anyone experiencing work-related problems to get in contact as soon as possible.  You can book a *free consultation with us where we will help to explain your options and the steps to take which includes trying to resolve things informally through ACAS (the free Advisory, Conciliatory and Arbitration Service) if you haven’t already done this.

*Slough office only – please contact our other offices for the availability of free first consultations.

By your side

We never judge you.  We look objectively at your situation and examine your case so we can fully advise you of your rights and the options available to you.  Whatever your need for an employment law solicitor, please be assured that the solicitor you meet at Kidd Rapinet will be the person that represents you throughout ensuring you never have to explain your situation again.

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Employment law issues we can help with

  • Sex and age discrimination
  • Equal pay
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Compensation
  • Settlement agreements
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