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Legal Support For Employees

Employment law is a complex subject area so it is important to understand your rights as an employee and to ensure negotiations are equal and fair. If you are looking for an exit strategy, settlement agreement or perhaps a new contract we can assist you.


Experiencing a disagreement with your employer?

Do you feel you are being treated unfairly at work? Maybe the level of stress is making you want to quit? Do you feel discriminated against because of age, disability or gender? Would it help to know whether your claim is valid before taking action?

We urge anyone experiencing work-related problems to get in contact as soon as possible. You can book a *free consultation with us where we will help to explain your options and the steps to take which includes trying to resolve things informally through ACAS (the free Advisory, Conciliatory and Arbitration Service) if you haven’t already done this.

We receive many questions around employment law, below we answer a few FAQ’s but please do get in contact if you have a question or need support.

You can initially contact ACAS – their website offers comprehensive advice and information on many areas where there are problems in the workplace. They advice on the process to follow. If this doesn’t resolve the issue and you feel you need to raise a formal complaint or would like further advice on your legal position, please call us to arrange a consultation.

This is a very serious issue and one that should be raised immediately with your employer. If the issue is with a member of your management team and you do not feel comfortable doing this, please get in contact with our employment solicitors. We will advise you of the best course of action.

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    Support for an employment issue

    There are many different types of employment issues. Please be assured that whatever your need for an employment law solicitor, the solicitor you meet at Kidd Rapinet will be the person that represents you throughout ensuring you never have to explain your situation again.

    Sex or Age Discrimination

    Equal Pay

    Unfair Dismissal


    Settlement Agreements

    A settlement agreement is a document used to record the terms upon which employees leave their employment or to settle employment disputes that have arisen.

    We can either act as an independent adviser to the employee or draft settlement agreements for the employer.

    Settlement agreements provide that the employer contributes to the employee’s fees for obtaining independent advice from an employment solicitor. Our fees are usually met by the employer so often there is no cost to the employee.

    Other matters to consider on settlement agreements include tax-free payments, pay in lieu of accrued but untaken holiday pay, bonuses, restrictive covenants, confidentiality clauses and “garden leave”.

    We’re here to support your next step

    Request a video call, phone call or an in-person meeting

    “Kidd Rapinet’s employment solicitors helped me with a really awful age discrimination situation at work. I’m now working for another company but their support has made me far more confident about my rights should anything like this ever happen again.”
    L Ritter, Canary Wharf
    Cameron KinrossEmployment Law