Corporate/Commercial Interests

Your business objectives first and foremost

We have the skill, resources, experience and commercial approach required to help you achieve your business objectives. We take time to understand your goals and how you hope to achieve them, and are prompt in delivering sound advice. If our recommendations differ from your proposed course of action, this is because we put the interests of your company first and foremost. Where possible, we offer a fixed fee option rather than charging for our work on a time basis. Experience shows many corporate clients prefer this, and their businesses benefit from being able to budget more effectively for legal costs.


Preparing for your first meeting

Preparing for your first meeting

When you need advice quickly, it helps to come prepared. A quick call to us will help us let you know if there are any documents or information you should bring to your first meeting.

Once you have instructed us, we will need you to provide the following:-

1. Proof of ID: valid passport or photo driving licence for the business owner (unincorporated business), at least two partners (partnership) or at least two directors (private limited company)
2. Proof of Address: utility bill or bank statement no less than three months old for the business owner (unincorporated business), at least two partners (partnership) or at least two directors (private limited company)
3. Proof of Authority to Act: written evidence on business letterhead that we have the authority of all business owners/partners/directors to act for the business/partnership/ company

Resources / Downloads

Commercial Interests

Intellectual Property, patents and copyright – a quick guide to protection!

Are you creative? Inventive? Wanting to storm the market place with your ideas but wary of others poaching them? Here is a quick guide to protecting your ideas or “intellectual property”:

Guiding you through the good times

We advise on a broad range of corporate and commercial interests. Much of our work focuses on intellectual property rights. We have the specialist knowledge and experience to help you develop and exploit your intellectual property assets for commercial benefit in today’s fast-changing marketplace.

Supporting you through the trickier times

Whilst we would hope your business is thriving, we can support you through the difficult times too. If you have trouble with tricky debtors or risk insolvency, we can offer robust advice on debt recovery and explore options with you for the corporate rescue of an insolvent business. When the going gets tough, it is just as important that we listen to your views. We strive to help you identify your priorities, so as to tailor our advice to meet your needs.

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Corporate/commercial law services:

  • Marketing, distribution, agency and franchise agreements
  • Trademarks, patents, copyrights & other intellectual property rights; warranties & indemnities; protection for vendors in the UK and overseas
  • Licensing including software licensing and distribution
  • Exploitation of web-based technologies
  • Data protection law
  • Consumer Credit Agreements
  • Sale and purchase of assets
  • Debt recovery
  • Dissolution of partnerships
  • Corporate rescue of insolvent businesses
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