Divorce and Separation

Bringing Certainty and a Plan of Action

The prospect of divorce or separation can create a wave of emotions and it’s not uncommon for your situation to feel impossible. We listen and look to try and bring an end to the uncertainty you are feeling – helping to alleviate fears and worries.

Our first meeting is without charge*, giving you the opportunity to call upon our knowledge and expertise before committing to making any decisions. Please take a look at ‘preparing for your meeting’ to help you prepare mentally and physically.

*Slough office only – please contact our other offices for the availability of free first meetings.


Preparing for your first meeting

Preparing for your first meeting

1. Consider if you would like to attend the meeting alone or with a friend/family member
2. Prepare a list of questions – it’s easy to forget things at an emotional time
Every circumstance is different and everyone deals with circumstances differently so the above is often sufficient preparation for a first meeting. If, however, you feel your situation is further advanced and you want to discuss your expectations for divorce or separation including financial arrangements, care for your children etc please contact us to discuss information required.

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Divorce and Separation

The Unmarried Truth: Living together is not the same (in the eyes of the law) as marriage

If you live with someone (cohabit) without getting married or entering a civil partnership, family and friends may refer to you as common law spouses. Yet in the eyes of the law in England & Wales, there are no common law husbands or common law wives.

Divorce and Separation

Separating? Recognise when NOT to make decisions

A 5 stage emotional cycle is often triggered with separation and understanding where you are emotionally

Every situation is different

At our meeting you can talk us through your current situation along with any thoughts or plans you may have for the future before we start to suggest immediate possibilities as well as thoughts for longer term arrangements. We guarantee that whatever your situation we will do our utmost to help you leave us feeling calmer, more informed and, in many cases, with a plan to move forward.

Resolution where possible

As members of Resolution, we support negotiation to find a quicker, more cost effective and less disruptive solution for you and your family. That said, we aren’t slow to take matters to court if they are required.
With Kidd Rapinet you will find that our family lawyers are about much more than the law – we are everyday people with our own families so you can be assured of sensitivity and compassion from us as well as expert advice and guidance.

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Services we offer

  • Divorce and separation agreements
  • Mediation services
  • Financial and property
  • Pre and post nuptial arrangements
  • Arrangements regarding the children
  • Urgent applications to court – e.g. personal protection orders or prevention of asset disposal
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