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Legal expertise with a practical perspective

We pride ourselves on giving practical advice focused on our clients’ commercial objectives. Our company lawyers offer more than expertise in drafting the legal documents required to set up, restructure or sell on your business. We take a step back, view the bigger picture and consider business strategy too. Our aim, subject to your instructions, is to provide a full service: advising on how best to structure your business; negotiating the requisite agreements with investors, partners or fellow directors; addressing aspects of your role as an employer, especially employee rights on restructuring; regulating your business relations with third parties; and, if the time should come, disposing of your company on terms favourable to you.


Preparing for your first meeting

Preparing for your first meeting

When you need advice quickly, it helps to come prepared. A quick call to us will help advise if there any documents or information you should bring to a first meeting.

Once you have instructed us, we will need you to provide the following:-

1. Proof of ID: valid passport or photo driving licence for the business owner (unincorporated business), at least two partners (partnership) or at least two directors (private limited company)
2. Proof of Address: utility bill or bank statement no less than three months old for the business owner (unincorporated business), at least two partners (partnership) or at least two directors (private limited company)
3. Proof of Authority to Act: written evidence on business letterhead that we have the authority of all business owners/partners/directors to act for the business/partnership/ company

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Due Diligence – how you discover the true value

Due diligence is the process by which you determine the true cost or value of a business transaction, whether it be buying, selling or merging companies, investing in a major project or entering a contract with a new supplier.

Swift in delivering high standards, always with an eye on your costs

We have an eye for detail yet never let this slow us down. Company deals often proceed at a pace and must be closed within a tight time frame. We are practised in the art of working to a high standard while under pressure of time, and meet exacting deadlines without compromising on the care and attention given to your company’s interests.

We recognise that time and money are both key factors in the success of any business. With company solicitors based throughout London and the Thames Valley we have the expertise available at a branch close to you or can travel to your premises to save you time. And we are often able to offer a fixed fee for our services to help you budget for your legal costs.

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Company law services:

  • Sale and acquisition of companies
  • Mergers and demergers of companies, and group reconstruction
  • Limited liability partnership agreements
  • Investment agreements, venture capital investment agreements & joint venture agreements
  • Issue of shares to founders, investors and private companies
  • Sale and purchase of assets
  • Employee shares, employee benefits and TUPE implications (Transfer of Undertakings & Protection of Employees)
  • Business contracts: marketing, distribution, agency and franchise agreements
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
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