Consumer Law Changes

by Kidd Rapinet on September 9, 2009

Have you lost out to rogue traders? Fraud is on the increase in the recession and the Government has issued an important White Paper setting out major changes to consumer protection law.

Colin Butler, a partner at Kidd Rapinet, says:

“The proposals include some fundamental alterations to the law in this area. Unsolicited credit card cheques will be banned and the Office of Fair Trading will review the market for high cost credit which will often come with a 50% APR. There will also be a new Consumer Advocate which will help educate consumers about debt.”

If you have got yourself into financial difficulties and need legal advice on the best options for you, whether that be personal bankruptcy or assistance with negotiation with creditors in your personal capacity or within your business then please contact us. The earlier advice is sought, the better.

We can also advise you on how the new proposals might affect you as a consumer and as a business and also do a legal check on your existing terms and conditions for compliance with current legislation. Many businesses find that their terms and conditions of sale or purchase do not apply. Instead, the other party’s terms apply and therefore they have lost out on valuable legal protection, such as when the other party goes out of business and a seller wishes to recover goods for which payment is not made. We can also check your procedures and processes to ensure your terms are adequately incorporated into the contract between buyer and seller. Call Colin Butler on 020 7024 8026 for further information.

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