Website Compliance Hots Up… Check out the KR TOP FIVE TIPS

by Kidd Rapinet on May 23, 2008

The laws concerning website compliance (the process of operating a website that complies with the various sporadic laws created over time to regulate the use of the web by business) are hotting up!

Following a recent flurry of press articles about ‘Stop Now Notices’ (which force websites to stop trading until various compliance issues have been dealt with), businesses are starting to warm up to the dangers. Consumers are becoming aware of their rights and are able to see which of their favourite websites are not complying with the law .

Any numbers of things are being overlooked by businesses. These are our current top five:

  1. Not stating your full Company details
  2. Unwittingly preventing disabled partially sighted customers from being able to read your site by preventing the page from being ‘stretched’
  3. Not having a proper Privacy Policy
  4. Not stating your VAT number
  5. Not allowing the easy printing of your terms and conditions

Believe it or not there are many more items that your website needs to address (we’re up to about 54 so far) in order to be fully compliant with the law .

Website compliance is essential in today’s marketplace; both to avoid enforcement action and to build consumer confidence.

To find out about the KR Website Healthcheck and Seminars please contact Philip Astles or Philip Wild at our London office on 020 7925 0303 or email or

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