C19 Employer Advice Maidenhead

Request a no obligation consultation with an employment law solicitor today or download our ‘C19 Employer Advice Guide.’

Covid 19 is affecting many businesses and no doubt you have a wide range of questions in regard to pay, SSP, and furloughing employees.  You may also need advice on making redundancies or writing compromise agreements and settlement agreements.

Please call Kathryn Coyle on 01628 436015 or email kcoyle@kiddrapinet.co.uk for further advice or use the form to request a no-obligation consultation. 

Alternatively, scroll down to download our ‘C19 Employer Advice Guide’

    C19 Employer Advice Guide

    We have prepared a digital document to assist employers. This document offers a Q&A for employers to help them navigate the many questions around their legal obligations following the C19 virus.  Please click the link below to download the document (nb this document is correct at the date of issue).

    Download 'C19 Employer Advice Guide'
    Sarah WalkerC19 Employer Advice – Maidenhead