Debt recovery for businesses

by Kidd Rapinet on November 28, 2022
Business person looking at debt recovery

Debt recovery for businesses is a serious matter

Are you feeling the pinch?  Have you been promised the earth?  That payment was due to you the day before yesterday but didn’t arrive.  They keep on promising this payment to you….but on the day….nothing….pin drop silence.

The anxiety that builds, the phone that keeps on ringing off the hook, the constant refreshing of your bank account to see if that money has appeared.  We totally know that feeling of being promised that payment will be made, yet there is nothing to be seen.

Sometimes a solicitor’s letter is all it takes to make the difference, and at a cost, you will be pleasantly surprised with.

Some call it a Letter Before Action, others call it a Final Demand, but whatever you want to call it we would just like you to know that using a law firm, such as Kidd Rapinet will help ensure that this worry is removed and payment will be recovered in a professional, friendly but firm manner.  Whether you are a business and/or an individual who is owed money, we make sure that our letter encourages action.  You can also be reassured that we will take appropriate and timely legal action should payment not be made in the agreed timeframe.

Time and time again our clients have come to us requesting help and assistance – in most cases all it takes is our letter to action payment and the debt balance paid without further worry or action from our client.

If you would like to understand more about debt recovery for you personally or debt recovery for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can call 01628 436015 or use the form provided to get in touch.

This article was brought to you by our debt recovery team at Kidd Rapinet Solicitors Maidenhead.

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