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We make the process of creating or updating a Will much simpler than you may think. We can help you review your circumstances and what impact any changes in your life may have on an existing Will. For example, if you have divorced, married, had children, purchased a property, been left an inheritance etc. All these factors can impact or invalidate your Will.

If you haven’t created a Will before our free consultation will help you understand what is needed. This includes discussing legal guardians for your children, trustees, limiting your tax liability and ensuring the process of managing your estate is made easier for your family.

Please do not take risks with DIY Wills or the many online cheap Will writing deals advertised. Making a Will is one of the single most important documents you will ever create in your lifetime so it is important to ensure it is legally valid.

Please use the form to request a free consultation, contact Erica John-Marie on 020 7205 2115 or download our ‘8 Step Guide to Making a Will’.

    Making a Will

    We have prepared a brief digital guide on creating a Will to help you to consider all factors. From your estate (property, art, jewellery etc) to legal guardians, executors, where you will store your Will etc.

    Download Our 8 Step Guide to Making a Will


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    Dividing Your Estate in your Will

    When we mention ‘estate’ to people they often say they don’t have anything. Your estate isn’t restricted to property, it could be animals, your car, jewellery that you own, perhaps even a rare stamp collection or similar.

    Appointing Executors for your Will

    If you have a small estate that doesn’t require the sale of property or other items you may consider a friend or relative to act as an executor. If the situation is more complex, it may be beneficial to appoint a professional executor. We can explain this in more detail at a free consultation.

    One point of contact

    Our experienced Wills and Probate Solicitor Erica John-Marie will soon put you at ease when discussing creating or updating your Will. You can book a free consultation with her on 020 7205 2115,

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