Meet the people behind the businesses. We’re building networks and making connections — come and talk to us.

Welcome to the In & Around Canary Wharf networking group.

Our aim is simple – to bring together local businesses in order to establish mutually beneficial connections (regardless of whether they are based in large glass towers or not). This generates business and will help all of us to integrate into and with the local community, which can only be a good thing!

Meetings are temporarily suspended following Covid but as restrictions are now lifting we will be looking to start our face-to-face meetings again this year.

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The history of ‘In and Around Canary Wharf’

In and Around Canary Wharf networking group was set up by Kidd Rapinet Solicitors for local professionals and businesses.

The focus of the group is to establish mutually beneficial contacts which can generate business and help organisations integrate into and with the Canary Wharf community.

The group meets regularly which enables all attendees to get to know one another so that personal relationships are built.

It is our experience from talking to members of the business community that everyone is highly receptive to building relationships, so rather than just sitting there and expecting business to come to you, please do join us.

‘In and Around Canary Wharf’ networking meeting format

The typical format of the In & Around Canary Wharf meetings are as follows:-

Frequency: 3 – 4 meetings a year.

Format: Lunchtime or early evening

General meet and greet with food, guest speakers and individual networking

Social & Community: We hope to develop the social side of the group as well as the business aspects. Canary Wharf has a growing community and some worthy causes. If we are able to support these and ‘give back’ a little, we believe everyone benefits.

Host a meeting or get involved

If you would like to get involved in the ‘In and Around Canary Wharf’ networking meetings, please email the Kidd Rapinet team here or call 020 7925 0303 to be added to our mailing list.

The venues for our meetings are always interesting.  In the past, we’ve held meetings at ‘The Gun’, ‘HSBC Head Office’, ‘Galliard Homes’, and ‘The Electric Shuffle’ to name but a few.

If you are interested in hosting a meeting for up to 100+ local business people, please get in touch.  We would love to hear from you.

Cameron KinrossIn & Around Canary Wharf