Farnham Solicitors Help Save The Water Meadows

by Kidd Rapinet on April 20, 2013

Kidd Rapinet, Solicitors have been instrumental in assisting local residents towards the purchase of an area of land known as The Water Meadows in Farnham Town Centre with a view to their being preserved as water meadows for the benefit of the community.

Joanne Aylwin, a partner in Kidd Rapinet, is the chairperson of a charitable company which has been set up with the assistance of Kidd Rapinet with a view to the Water Meadows being acquired by a charitable company, of which all local residents who make donations to the fund for the purchase of The Water Meadows will become members.

Kidd Rapinet are proud to have been instrumental in this project. If you would like to make a donation towards the fund for the purchase of The Water Meadows or to have more information about the project please contact Kidd Rapinet’s office in Farnham, who will be happy to supply you with information and donation forms.

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