Kidd Rapinet back Consumer Panel call for will writing to be regulated

by Kidd Rapinet on August 24, 2011

The Legal Services Board’s Consumer Panel has thrown its weight behind the Law Society’s campaign to ensure that all will-writers should be fully regulated.

Paul Taylor, Senior Partner of Kidd Rapinet, says: “We applaud this move by the Consumer Panel. Consumer protection must be a priority. We have seen too many examples over the years of dishonesty and bad practice from unregulated will-writers.”

Solicitors are required to be covered by insurance, are subject to a strong complaints and disciplinary process and a compensation fund exists to ensure that consumers using solicitors do not lose out.  This means that there is real protection for consumers if, as will inevitably happen on occasion, solicitors make mistakes.  Consumers who pay to have something as important as a will made out should benefit from these protections in all circumstances.

Paul Taylor comments: “We are delighted that the Consumer Panel has recognised the seriousness of these concerns and we believe the Legal Services Board should implement, as soon as practical, arrangements to make will writing a regulated activity.”

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