Sharon Lumley

Head of Risk and Compliance,

I became part of the Kidd Rapinet team in January 2020 and work closely with the Senior Partner/COLP and the Firm’s in-house Accountant/COFA in monitoring and ensuring adherence to reviewing and refining the Firm’s compliance strategies and train all new employees on these procedures.  I manage the reporting procedures, review files, ensure that policies and procedures are kept up to date and are strictly followed. I formulate and implement internal policies to help eliminate the risk of the Firm breaching regulations and legal requirements.  I am responsible for training on Anti-Money Laundering, Cybercrime, GDPR and organise the Accounts/COFA in-house training for all staff members.  I also help with the Firm’s Anti-Money Laundering, Source of Funds queries and deal with all compliance issues

Sharon Lumley

"Sharon has brought structure to our business which allows for the concepts of compliance to cascade seamlessly through the staff. Her friendly approach means she is accessible to all, a perfect environment for staff to flourish and grasp the importance of her training."

G Sehra, Managing Partner

Out of Hours

My spare time is filled with my friends and family, specifically my adorable granddaughters whom I’m lucky to have live nearby.  My husband is a session Drummer and I enjoy going to his gigs as often as I can.  I love going on holiday / weekends away and having fun with loved ones.

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