Will artificial intelligence software replace your solicitor?

by Kidd Rapinet on May 17, 2023
artificial intelligence data with lady

AI-based purports to be able to provide legal advice, document review, and other services that were previously reserved for human lawyers. But it is far from perfect. Indeed there are many concerns and to name but a few we now comment.

AI software is not yet advanced enough to fully understand the context and nuances of the law. While AI algorithms can analyse vast amounts of data and find patterns, they still lack the ability to comprehend the complexity of human language and our legal system’s intricacies. Therefore, relying solely on AI software for legal advice may lead to errors and oversights. Clients still need legal issues to be explained to them in plain English, with the pros and cons spelled out.

Legal advice is not only about applying the law but also about providing ethical and moral guidance. As solicitors, we use our judgements and experience to weigh the different options and provide advice that aligns with our client’s best interests. AI software, on the other hand, lacks the ability to understand human emotions and values, which are often critical in legal advice.  Every client is different.  Each person would have a different need to be fulfilled. For example in a personal injury claim, some clients would be simply after a financial resolution to a claim; for others, they may be looking to have their rehabilitation needs addressed.

Legal advice requires an understanding of the client’s unique circumstances, goals, and preferences. While AI software can analyse data and provide generic advice based on similar cases, it cannot fully understand the context and personal circumstances of the client. AI, in our opinion, will always lack the personal touch and empathy that clients require and we offer.

The use of AI software for legal advice raises ethical and legal concerns, such as data privacy, bias, and accountability.

In conclusion, while AI software is going to become more widespread and often used, we do not form the opinion that it is going to ever replace your personal human lawyer!

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