Kidd Rapinet Solicitors shocked by Norovirus and E-coli findings forcing cancellation of “Boulters to Bray Swim”

by Kidd Rapinet on May 3, 2024
Keith Dixon

As an official sponsor for ‘Boulters to Bray Swim’ each year, Kidd Rapinet Solicitors are shocked and saddened to hear of the high levels of Norovirus and E-coli in the Thames forcing this popular event to be cancelled.

Trustee of “Boulters to Bray Swim” and senior associate at Kidd Rapinet Solicitors, Keith Dixon, said “despite swimming in the Thames for 16 years, I really couldn’t sanction 250 people going in to have a safe and fun event.”  The race marks a community tradition dating back to the 19th century which sees participants swim 5km, 2.8km or 1.4km of a stretch of the river Thames in July.

Kidd Rapinet’s partner and trustee for Boulters to Bray will be on ITV’s news tonight to discuss the problem in more detail.

River pollution campaigners, River Action, said the cancellation of the event was part of the “shocking reality” that it is now not safe to swim in rivers like the Thames now due to sewage discharges.

The pollution is widespread affecting the country’s championship rowers.  CEO of River Action James Wallace said, “We are in a tragic situation when elite athletes are issued with health guidance.  Our water quality results show what happens after decades of neglect. For the safety of river users everywhere, rowers, communities and conservationists are uniting to ask the Government to enforce the law and to prosecute polluters. River Action wants water companies to honour their commitments to the regulators and bill payers by investing in their infrastructure and stop dumping sewage. Everyone should be able to enjoy our rivers and seas without risking their health.”

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