Compensation for Injury Scope Widened

by Simon Robeson on June 11, 2013

Simon Robeson

The Courts have just widened significantly the circumstances under which someone can be compensated for injury. Simon Robeson, a personal injury claims specialist in Kidd Rapinet’s London office comments: “The case of Mr Dyer is unusual in that the victim drank himself into oblivion over a period of months after the shock of his wife dying on Christmas Day following a botched routine operation.”

The John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford  admitted liability for the wife’s death and has now agreed damages of £150,000 for the husband (as what’s called a secondary victim) who will now need permanent full-time care for the rest of his life due to permanent brain damage caused by the alcohol abuse. Simon Robeson comments: “The significance of the case is that it widens the scope of the concept of secondary victim, and may well give rise to more claims along similar lines from relatives claiming severe hardship following the death of a loved one.”

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