Relationships & the run up to Christmas

by Kidd Rapinet on December 12, 2019

Even the best relationships go through difficult times but it’s how you handle them that counts.  Daily life stresses, money problems, parenting techniques to disputes among family members and friends can take their toll.

We have listed ten things that can help you to focus on your relationship:

  1. Recognise that all relationships are not perfect
  2. Spend time together for example make time for date night or just sit down and have a cup of coffee together
  3. Spend some time apart to focus on yourself and your well being
  4. Talk to each other and switch phone/iPads off for a few minutes a day when with each other
  5. Be honest about how you are feeling – express your appreciation and worries
  6. Have some physical contact daily, even if it is just a touch on the arm
  7. Think about your partner when making decisions
  8. Try not to actively seek control
  9. Be playful and positive
  10. Let go of the past

The lead up to Christmas and over the festive period can be another testing time so we hope these points will be useful… but if you need help and support to explore life beyond your current circumstances speak to our family lawyers.  We are everyday people but with the experience to help you through divorce or separation with expert legal advice, guiding you through every step of your journey.