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Family law solicitors – supporting you through life’s ups and downs

Real life is about more than just the law so we ask you to look deeper into what Kidd Rapinet’s family law solicitors can offer you. We are everyday people with our own families and life experiences so we know that an understanding of your situation is as important as the legal guidance we offer.

Whether it’s moving house, writing a will, an employment issue, going through a marriage breakup, or some other life-changing event, you can rest assured that our family law solicitors, employment law solicitors and skilled litigators have the expertise and understanding to find the best solution for your situation.


Immediate and long term planning

At our meeting you can talk us through your current situation along with any thoughts or plans you may have for the future before we start to suggest immediate possibilities as well as thoughts for longer term arrangements. We guarantee that whatever your situation, as family law solicitors we will do our utmost to help you leave us feeling calmer, more informed and, in many cases, with a plan to move forward.

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We talk your language

Our aim is to impart our knowledge and expertise to help reduce worries, stress and in some cases the vulnerability that comes with a life changing event. We make sure you are always prepared for the next stage, so you can feel confident before any action is taken.

Which way now?

On this page and throughout our personal law services pages you will find downloadable information and details on preparing for your first meeting with us. Feel free to browse the site for this information or you can email or call us – whatever you prefer.

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We have family law solicitors based in Slough, Maidenhead, London, High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Farnham and London.

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