Mediation for Families

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Mediation can sometimes be confused with counseling. Mediation is not designed to bring parties back together – it focuses on planning for the future when a relationship has irreparably broken down.

Mediators are professionally trained to facilitate discussion between parties and help you reach a settlement. The mediator’s role includes helping parties identify their priorities and communicate constructively with each other. They are impartial and do not take sides.

Mediation is an alternative way to resolve disputes rather than fighting your case in court. In England and Wales, parties must (with some exceptions) consider mediation before starting court proceedings.

We can offer mediation to assist with financial matters with regard to separation, divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership and private law children matters, such as which parent your child/children will live with and arrangements for spending time with the other parent.

Please use the form to request a free consultation, call 01628 436015 or download our ‘Guide to Mediation’.

    Guide to Mediation

    We have prepared a brief digital guide on ‘Mediation’ and how it can assist parties in reaching an agreement without coercion or going to court.

    Download Our Guide


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    How Mediation helps

    “Mediation with Kidd Rapinet was far more successful than I expected. My emotions were all over the place but it really helped to have someone that didn’t take sides. Over a period of weeks my ex husband and I managed to agree finances and a way forward for sharing time with our children. At the outset of our split I really thought this wouldn’t be possible without a long drawn out court battle.”

    How does mediation work?

    Mediation doesn’t work for everyone – it works best where parties are on a fairly equal footing. The mediator will help ensure each party is able to talk openly about matters and reach their own decisions, without succumbing to undue pressure from the other.

    Preparing for a meeting

    Our Mediation guide is useful to read through before you join us for a free consultation. It may be helpful for you to start listing the issues where you are finding trouble reaching an agreement and what you would like to gain from mediation.

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