Separated parenting during Coronavirus

by Kidd Rapinet on March 22, 2020

These are unprecedented times – a few hours before the Government closed our schools, calls started coming into us regarding separated parenting during Coronavirus.

We understand how frightening and difficult the situation is and there may be further decisions by our government in the coming days/weeks to self-isolate and remain at home which makes it increasingly difficult for parents going through divorce/separation.

Communication is key and we urge both parents to try and work together during this pandemic.  If you have fears and worries about your children moving around from property to property then we suggest looking into downloading apps such as Facetime, Skype, Houseparty etc.  These are especially helpful to allow you to read stories to your children, sing, dance, play board games and much more – even if you can’t physically be by their side they will feel supported by both parents.

family picture of dad and boy

We hope you can find a way through this difficult time to parent safely.

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